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Symbol of Leadership Coin Awarded to Valerie Baldus

February 4, 2019 admin 0 Comment

The State of Michigan, Department of Technology, Management & Budget recognized Valerie Baldus and her efforts in leading a complex multi-year, $7 million project.

Valerie’s leadership was demonstrated while managing the Transportation Asset Management System (TAMS) project. The TAMS solution is a Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) solution that integrates several tools built by various vendors. Valerie worked tirelessly to make sure the vendors were working collaboratively, following an agreed-upon integrated schedule, and working towards a viable schedule. Valerie’s strengths on this
project included:

  • Stayed focused on addressing and solving critical issues that the team faced throughout the various phases of each project.
  • Coordinated various onsite visits by the vendors and helped maximize their visits by scheduling the appropriate training.
  • Exhibited a positive/can do attitude even when the project was challenged with various technical and business decisions.
  • Maintained a strong commitment to the team and to the State of Michigan, demonstrating resilience, leadership, and collaboration in guiding the team to a successful outcome

Note: While the delivery of a project is a team activity, the leadership Valerie displayed was key to this project’s success.