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Advocate brings wide-ranging capabilities to governments and agencies.

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Advocate Overview:

Founded in 1995, Advocate has proven itself as a trusted advisor to our clients and government agencies nationwide. Advocate offers a comprehensive range of services to partner with clients, governments and agencies alike to solve mission-critical projects. As your Advocate, we are able to positively impact the lives of citizens and community we serve.

Our "Why"

We believe in Advocating for others – We are for you!

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The AdvocateWay

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Our proven methodology, designed for the public sector.

The AdvocateWay is our approach and attitude that differentiate us when we engage with our clients to deliver mission-critical project services. The foundation is deeply rooted in operating with the highest integrity while delivering at an unprecedented level of service, known to us as Service Beyond Reason. The AdvocateWay is achieved by attracting and retaining the finest government professionals who have a unique energy and passion to change the world for the better one person at a time.

Key components of the AdvocateWay:

  • Approach: We put ourselves in our customer’s shoes, to determine what our customers truly need and work earnestly to bring it, whether through our own skills, our partners, or even recommending on who does well what we do not.
  • Method: Minimize routine interactions, Focus on the important, Simple is better than complex, place a high premium on clarity — the setting of goals, communicating them and using them to gauge the success or failure of an initiative
  • Executive Involvement: Executive involvement in operational meetings, not just steering committee meetings, etc.
  • Empowerment: We focus on bright people and give them the authority to achieve along with the confidence that if they fail, we will lift them up.

Executive Leadership

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The executive leadership team is committed to delivering and maintaining the highest value services to our clients.

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Our Values

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We are passionate about cultivating a workplace that embodies our values.

Client Centric

Team Driven