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Public Contact Center & Interaction Services

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Flexible, Secure, Efficient, Consistent

On-demand access to services and support has become an expectation for citizens and constituents alike. Accessing, applying, or interacting with public assistance or government programs is no different, creating the demand for a standardized, connected, and efficient experience. Advocate offers specialized Public Contact Center & Interaction Services, addressing key agency challenges.

Optimize & Standardize User Experience
Ensure Compliance & Regulation
Improve Engagement & Satisfaction

Proven Solution

As a trusted partner, we are able to bring our specialized experience and deep understanding of government agency operations to streamline and enhance the end-user experience. Our technology empowers programs to satisfy consumers.  

Specialized Public Contact Center & Interaction Services for:

HHS (SNAP/TANF, Medicaid, Child Welfare, Child Support, HEAP)
Workforce Development / Unemployment
Taxation / Revenue Recovery

Enhanced Government Programs

Advocate has developed four pillars to support your digital strategy.

  • Triage: Business priority framework to stabilize your current environment
  • Consult: Current-state assessment, Future-state design, Implementation Roadmap, and Business Process Re-Engineering.
  • Build: Configuration of Contact Center Components, Testing and training, Execution / Implementation of technologies and business process changes.
  • Run: MACD support, Break/Fix support, Business Operations support

Interaction Services: Enablement Tools

Interaction services offer value-add tools to enhance the omnichannel experience through a robust consumer-facing platform.  

The enablement tools can be implemented in part, total, or through a phased approach based on overall need, requirements, or budget. The solution is designed to fit within your current environment and scale on demand, creating control and customization to fit your digital needs.

  • Centralized Contact Center Infrastructure – Core ACD / IVR systems accommodating either private or public cloud hosting
  • Integration across multiple Contact Centers for improved referral and transfer processes
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for customer self-service inquiry and basic input into eligibility systems to automate elements of application and eligibility processing
  • Outbound IVR (via phone/SMS/email) for proactive notifications to customers
  • Inbound/Outbound integration with options to immediately connect recipients of automated calls with a caseworker
  • Electronic Document Management (EDMS) Integration for improved communication regarding verifications and workflow status
  • Computer-Telephony Integration (CTI) or “Screen Popping” of customer information, eligibility records and electronic case files/workflow
  • Customer Courtesy Callback – fully automated callback solution
  • Audio Signature – automate the capture and storage of caller’s verbal application attestation
enablement tools

  • Self-Service Functionality – Read/Write IVR capability
  • Mobile Application(s) – iOS and Android smartphone application with native integration to State eligibility and document management systems for customer self-service options, including document upload
  • Screen Popping – through computer telephony integration (CTI) deliver caller information to State agents’ screens
  • Omni-channel Agent Interaction combining voice, text, chat, email and social media into integrated queues for case manager agents
  • Caller Authentication and “Smart” Call Routing
  • IVR2Text and Visual IVR capability for capturing client data such as case change requests
  • Short code text messaging (e.g. 12345) for simple interactions such as “STOP” to unsubscribe