Benefit with Health & Human Solutions

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Advocate helps you design and implement integrated HHS program modernization strategies in a dynamic HHS environment.

Public Assistance Recipient Solutions

  • Recipient Contact Center Solution
  • Audio Signature for Medicaid, SNAP and TANF
  • Mobile Benefit Management
  • LiHEAP Contact Center Solution
  • Hearings Management Solution
  • WIC Appointment Reminder Solution

Provider Solutions

  • Medicaid Provider Contact Center¬†
  • Developmental Disabilities Case Management¬†
  • The Opioid Control Application

The Advocate BenefitsBridge

  • Integrated, Multi-program Benefits Interface
  • Consolidated Case Information Management
  • Benefits Contact Center Analysis
  • Anytime, Anywhere access (phone, mobile)

Child Support Solutions

  • Child Support Contact Center Solution
  • Mobile Child Support Management

Child Welfare Solutions

  • Child Abuse Hotline Contact Center

Workforce Development Solutions

  • Unemployment Benefits Contact Center
  • Mobile Application for WIOA Registration